HOW DO I PURCHASE A PRINT ISSUE? Once an issue is released it is available for purchase via magcloud. The purchase link will be posted on our website and social media channels. All issue contributors are sent a courtesy copy of their respective digital tare-sheets via email.

CAN I GET FREE ISSUES OR PAYMENT? At this time we cannot supply any free copies if your editorial submission is featured within the MOLL Magazine brand. However we will happily provide a digital copy of your final feature in PDF format or information of where the magazine can be purchased if your issue is being currently sold. We are not liable for costs, if any, occurred at your shoot. Please only carry out a shoot if you can financially afford to.

HOW DO I GET BULK PRINT ISSUE COPIES? Talent always has the option of purchasing bulk print issues (20 or more) at a lower cost when buying for resale in talent’s owns online store, ect. Please contact us directly to learn more about this and for issue pricing as it changes per issues depending on pages and shipping costs.

HOW DO I KNOW IF MY SUBMISSION WAS ACCEPTED? Decisions are based on the quality of submission and space available in the magazine. We reply within two weeks. If your submission was not accepted this is most likely as to why not:

  • Your submission is not magazine level quality or the taste of our brand.
  • You sent blurry, badly retouched, vignetted, branded (logo’d) or low res photos. We cannot consider those.
  • You sent full nudity. Fashion/Artistic Implied/Topless is ok. Full nudity (bottomless) we do not publish.
  • You only sent 2 photos or not enough to even be considered or a lack or range (vertical and horizontal).

MY PUBLICATION WAS ACCEPTED, NOW WHAT? Pre-publication letters do not guarantee the publishing of your editorial. The editor will make the final decision to overall editorial theme. All submissions are put into our publication que which is usually upwards of 3 months or more. Please stick to the deadline and have arranged model release forms where appropriate. In all cases of emergencies or late submissions please understand that due to the editorial calendar your feature could be subjected to later publication or rotation.

I WAS PHOTOGRAPHED BY MOLL MAG AU models who are photographed by MOLL Magazine Australia staff are put into our six month rotation based on the upcoming editorial cover calendar. Featured models are within  three months. The issue that your editorial will be published in may also be subject to change.

QUESTIONS? READY TO SEND IN YOUR SUBMISSION? Review the publication process and requirements.